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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Blogging is emotional

OK, so yes the whole blogging thing is way cool and very addictive. I find myself checking my favorite blogs almost daily and feel let down at times when they take too long to post, however I myself am way behind with my posting yet I'm not really sure who is out there reading my blog anyways:) But I have come to realize that I really LOVE comments even from complete strangers, even if they just say "hey I looked at your blog today" or "yes you are such a wanna be", anything really would make my day! I remember posting to my first stranger blog and feeling like such a stalker at first but now I have come to appreciate a stalker for who they are, and for the emotional support they provide!!!


Tiffany Rushforth Photography said...

I'm checking your blog! I totally know what you mean! I love comments too~
It took me quite a long time before anyone posted comments once I had it up but when people do and if they still do, I get so giddy! :)
Have a great 4th!!

Naomi said...

I am stalking you!!
I kept checking your blog for new posts, and every time I did, there was that same picture of "Laura's shower", and so I didn't check for a while, and now when I do check, you've posted like 4 more blogs and I have to catch up!
Even if I don't comment, I do read it... I just hate being that person that leaves a comment on EVERY single blog.