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Monday, December 29, 2008

Fall Boys

For those of you who have not read my Christmas family letter/blog I wanted to repost the Fall shots I took of the boys, before the end of the year! I took these right across the street from our home in an old lot. I just love the fall:)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Charleston & Theresa

At the end of October during our family vacation my very good friend Theresa came to visit for a few days all the way from Utah. No one had ever come that far just to see me so I was ecstatic, not to mention I have totally missed her! Theresa and I have known each other since teenagers through family get togethers, but never really knew each other existed until under unusual circumstances a few years ago we connected. Now she is like a sister to me and the dearest friend a girl could have! During her visit I knew if we were to go anywhere I had to take her to my Charleston, which I believe is the most beautiful and romantic city in the US, actually I got engaged there:) But seriously if you ever visit SC and only have short time go to Charleston! Here some fun shots we got while there!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Johnson Vacation 08

At the end of October we went on our family Vacation to Myrtle Beach. I really love going places off season I hate the crowds and am always in the mood to save money plus the beach is way better I think in the fall! We went for a whole week, and it was wonderful. I didn't take out my fancy camera too many times cause I was to busy being lazy, but one day we ventured off to Huntington Beach State Park, it was 5 bucks to get in and I was hoping it would be worth it. It was an amazing beach, not as nice as the Bahamas of course, but very nice for the East Coast. The sand was super white and the ocean and sky were ever so blue, and the best part about it was because it was a park it was all un -touched w/ no hotels or houses anywhere. There was no one there at all that day which proved to be a good thing because at one point we looked at Gabe our oldest who decided the ocean was a good place to pee into! Here ya go:)