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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Those Shady late night restaurants.......

I have come to discover a new love, which is those shady late night restaurants, you know the yucky ones where you smell like grease when you come home..LOL and I have configured my top five reason why I love them so much. I used to love them in college and when you live in the South there is nothing like going to Waffle House at 3 am! But as I grew up and had kids it was really only those late night road trips that brought us to them. Now, when I am so tired the kids are hungry I don't feel like fighting them and I definitely don't feel like going anywhere I'de be seen I know where to go!

Top 5:

1. The food really is good!
2. The food is cheap!
3. You can wear your PJ's or really anything for that matter:) (my favorite)
4. Your kids can be complete maniacs and no one cares
5. You see and over hear some very interesting stuff!


Naomi said...

We have a restaurant like that near our house. It has super greasy pizza (but not as good as The Pie) and there is a huge chalk board that the kids can draw on as they wait for the food- so they don't have to behave well.

Ruby said...

I laughed out loud when I read you say "the kind where you smell like grease when you come home."

I was just on the phone with my husband who said "there's this breakfast place i stumbled upon and i want to take you there, it's really good."

I asked if I was going to smell like eggs and oil......and he said Yes.

I said forget it then!


I read your post right after the phone call so it made me laugh.