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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Charleston & Theresa

At the end of October during our family vacation my very good friend Theresa came to visit for a few days all the way from Utah. No one had ever come that far just to see me so I was ecstatic, not to mention I have totally missed her! Theresa and I have known each other since teenagers through family get togethers, but never really knew each other existed until under unusual circumstances a few years ago we connected. Now she is like a sister to me and the dearest friend a girl could have! During her visit I knew if we were to go anywhere I had to take her to my Charleston, which I believe is the most beautiful and romantic city in the US, actually I got engaged there:) But seriously if you ever visit SC and only have short time go to Charleston! Here some fun shots we got while there!


Theresa said...

ah good memories I miss it there. :( Look I am wearing flip flops. You are amazing. I wish I had half the talent you have.

sheilamckayphotography said...

Been waiting for some more of our images. I love Charleston too. Hope you have a great Christmas!