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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kat's Graduation!

This is my amazing friend Kathy, she would give you the shirt off her back. But first she'd make sure it was washed and ironed. Her and her family define the true meaning of Southern hospitality, even in the middle of nursing school she didn't think twice about inviting me and my family to come live with her when we moved back to SC until Bryan found a job. We met almost 10 years ago in college, and have been through so much together. Seeing how hard she worked to get through school made her graduation so so sweet!!!

This is her son Thomas-J he is 9 months older than Gabe and they are best friends, he is such a doll!
I love this pictures I think she looks like a WWII nurse:)

A proud mama!


Photographs By Tiffany said...

Hey Nichole!
These are so fantastic!! You did such a great job!!