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Monday, June 23, 2008


So let me tell you about my exciting photography moment I had a couple of weeks ago. I usually send out for my prints online but this day I needed just one print ASAP so I went to one of those Kodak machines to get it made instantly. When I took my print up to the counter to pay they asked for the photographers release! Actually the guy was quite nasty about it, I tried to explain to him I did it, which then he stated that it looked like it was done in a studio and I told him I did that in Photoshop which then he replied where's your business card, then I was like well I haven't gotten around to that, yikes. So anyways it was a great moment for me and I have realized I might need to get some business cards!!


Photographs By Tiffany said...

That is sooo exciting!! Congrats!!
What a great post!
Thanks for sharing!
You are doing an amazing job!!

Courtney Reece said...

wow, how cool!!! :) way to go with the awesome picture taking and trickery. lol

Naomi said...

Somebody must have taught you well. (I mean about photoshop). But seriously, the pics I've seen on this site are way better than most I've seen done at studios. You've definately got some talent.