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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

8 Years .............

So December is finally over and I feel like I am being pushed into the swing of things for January, I hate letting go of that warm magical feeling of Christmas, which is probably why my Christmas tree is still up, and might stay up for the rest of the month! I am however really excited for all the new things I plan on doing this year with my photography and my life in general:) Last month my amazingly wonderful husband and I celebrated 8 years on the 20th, can you believe it. Anyways, as I was sorting through and organizing my computer files for the new year I came across some pictures I thought I would share!

Our First Date:)
Shortly after we were engaged
Getting ready I look a little frazzled:)
And this is my favorite wedding picture of us doesn't he look handsome with his military uniform on, it's amazing how much photography has changed in 8 years I so wish what little pictures we had were in digital.