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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why I LOVE Photoshop :)

I LOVE photoshop, I feel like it's where I can let the artist in me come out. I can create the feeling and look I want when I took the picture. I have so much to learn, which can make me go crazy when I'm are trying to figure something out. Here's an example I wanted to share. This is my absolutely stunning sister-in-law Logan, isn't she a supermodel:) So I stole this self portrait picture she took w/ a point & shoot off myspace and couldn't resist giving it a little magic:)

Thanks Logan!


Anonymous said...

Holy Cow Nichole - she is GORGEOUS - and I love what you did with it! Tell me please!

Anonymous said...

logan is so beautiful :)

i must be honest, i used photoshop for some color editing thats all i really know how to do, and i cant even do that well.
eventually ill get my own and play with it lol